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  Analysis&Detection Systems

We offer to our customers a dedicated service of detection was consistency systems
Industry regulations and legislative requirements , in particular in the environment of the health care evolve to ensure the best performance and safety .

The plants presistenti and/or obsolete , even if properly maintained, may contain critical due to :
-lack of parts-out of production
-changes of target and structural changes
-applications of new technological systems that generate potential conflicts
-use of materials ,components and spare parts which are not suitable

the lack of action of analysis and control may generate potential hazards and/or accidents .

The test consists essentially in the following tasks:
-Analysis of documentation in order to establish the consistency of the system and the correspondence with the minimum safety requirements.
-Visual analysis of the gas distribution by means of the search and inspection of the routes and components .
-drafting and delivery of detailed report containing the evaluation of plants,bearing the state of consistency of the system, any anomalies , reports on critical issues ,identifying corrective actions recommended .

If required to complete the work
-the development of updated projects
-execution of functional tests - performance and/or safety.

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