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manutenzione impianti gas medicali tecnici puri
  Maintenance Centralized Systems

The scheduled maintenance is one of the key elements to ensure the efficiency of foreign plants, and their reliability over time.

The systems are an important tool and essential for anyone who uses it every day in carrying out their activities.

Adopt an appropriate programme of maintenance means to allow users to operate without problems, and with the certainty of having an effective tool and reliable in times of need.

Through proper maintenance we contribute to make the system reliable,
We reduce considerably the risks of failure and potential downtime,
Extend the life cycle of the product and of the equipment, with the consequent reduction of costs for extraordinary maintenance and urgent interventions.

We perform routine,extraordinary,pre-emptive conform to the standards of reference and compatible with the instructions mentioned in the use and maintenance manuals of the installed components.

The activities are diversified in the following areas:

- maintenance of gas equipment medical

- maintenance of gas equipment technicians

- maintenance of gas equipment pure

The plant maintenance medical gas applies in the health sector and serves to ensure the full efficiency of the medical device.

Maintenance of gas equipment pure applies in the field laboratories and research centres, and to ensure the safety of working environments.

Maintenance of gas equipment technicians will apply in the industrial sector and production with the objective of ensuring the safety and optimal operation of the connected equipment.

The types of controls vary depending on the plant configuration .

Finished the controls and resolve any anomalies, you Will be issued a detailed report attesting to the conformity of the plant.

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