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  Facilities Gas Technicians

The distribution systems of technical gases are widely used in all sectors of industry,from food to automotive, from the steel to the environmental treatment.

The gas used in the systems of technical gases are mainly oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, compressed air, helium, argon, hydrogen, sulphur dioxide (SO2), carbon dioxide (CO2), chlorine, acetylene, binary and ternary mixtures.
Have use and fields of application vary according to the properties gas specific .

Our company performs installations of technical gases for the following applications
-iron and steel industries and foundries for production processes
-industries of metallurgy to production processes, welding,
-laser and plasma cutting systems
-food/wine for the production processes and air conditioning systems
-technical and vocational schools
-centers of reclamation and environmental treatment plants

The systems of technical gases depending on the application can be made of steel or copper.

The typical users are principally used for,
the operation of equipment/machinery process or special processes such as,
the cooling, preservation of food/beverage, welding ,or as process gas for the operation of production systems.

The plants are supplied complete with operating Instructions , manuals, parts,Information, Management, Operational, technical Drawings of installation, Diagrams of electrical systems.
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System Components


Networks & pipes



Operating and control switchboards

Places Taken

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