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  Gas Pure

The systems for the distribution of pure gases are used in the field of research ,both in the field of medical technology for centralized distribution of equipment that use these process gases for the operation.

The gas used in the systems pure gases are oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, pure air, or pure, instrument air, helium, argon, hydrogen, mixtures, special binary and ternary.

Have use, fields of application and care, diversified according to the properties gas specific.

Our company manufactures equipment pure gases for the following intended use
- the aerospace industry, food industry, metallurgical, pharmaceutical, chemical
- medical research centers
- research centers, industrial
- experimental centers
- workshops

The distribution networks, depending on the application, can be made of steel or copper .
The typical utilities are mainly for interlocking equipment and devices analysis and
the sampling equipment, chromatography, fume hoods .

Plants pure gases are supplied complete with operating Instructions, manuals, parts, Information, Management, Operational, technical Drawings of installation, Diagrams of electrical systems.
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System Components


Networks & pipes



Operating and control switchboards

Places Taken

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