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  Installation of systems
Tecnomedical designs and manufactures gas distribution plants, medicinal, technical and pure.

Implants medical gases are used in the health sector.
Plants pure gases are used in the field of research.
The systems of technical gases are used in industry.

Our technical department is available to study together with you the suitable solutions in order to make the systems functional and meets required standards.
Each type of Plant is subject to industry-specific regulations .
different applications impose specific requirements .

The first of the phases of the installation are analyzed in the input data .
They are then processed and detailed construction plans conform to the laws and have regulatory requirements .

Approved the project by the client ,we proceed to the realization of the plant.
The construction phases are performed by qualified personnel and formed through specific procedures documented and certified by accreditation bodies .

        For more information on the types of plants you choose the application

installazione impianti gas medicali
installazione impianti gas puri
installazione impianti gas tecnic

Systems Medical Gas

Health sector public and private

Facilities Gas Technicians

Industry sector and Food

Gas Pure

Sector Laboratories & Research

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