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The regulatory developments generate systems conceptually more secure and advanced ,but conceptually more complex .
The knowledge suitable of their operation appears to be indispensable for the users .

The training in the work environment on the plant and machinery is provided for by law ,in the case of serious accidents, the manager who has not complied with such a requirement shall be liable proportionally .
The culture of training aimed at the security must be pursued from the figures, managers and directors.
A misuse of systems and components can cause serious accidents .

In order to ensure compliance with these requirements, we run specific courses on-site plants new and existing plants ,

Forming the appropriate personnel on the proper use of gas equipment for the medical,technical and pure.

The main topics of the training are :
A-The correct management of the plants in a condition of normal operating,

Defining characteristics , function and terminology of every component
B-The correct management of the plants in a condition of emergency operating,
defining the procedures and appropriate countermeasures operational use.

Tecnomedical performs the training of the person authorized (PA) in order to have an adequate technical knowledge to understand hazards and risks in the management of the IDGM, as expected by the UNI EN ISO 7396.1:annex G

The purpose of this course is to provide in a satisfactory manner the safety of the operators and final users,intended as users.
At the conclusion of the activity, we Issue certificates of specific nominal, which certify the correct training.

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