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  Technical Assistance & Availability

We support our clients by performing technical assistance specialized in order to ensure the correct functioning of systems and components .

The rapidity of intervention in case of faults and maintenance extraordinary is a strategic activity to ensure continuity of service both in the medical field ,as necessary to suppurtare the vital parameters of the patients ,and in other applications such as technical gases, or pure, as the failure could cause the stop of production .

The staff used to Service Special Service (SAS) is qualified and trained to intervene on-site within a few hours from the reporting of anomaly and resolve it.

The service of special assistance is provided for our customers that subscribe to the programs, extraordinary maintenance and/or availability technical.the service is activated by contacting our single number active 24/24 on 365 days a year.

Using our qualified partners,we also carry out ordinary and extraordinary maintenance (repair) on specific components and medical devices such as medical.

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